Dear Birthmother,
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as the family to care for your child. This is only a brief summary, to help you learn a little about our background and who we are. While you are evaluating difficult options right now, hopefully by getting to know us, your decision will become easier.

We have love and encouragement to share with your child, and would be glad to discuss this with you. The first few years of a childís life are critical to the social, emotional and psychological development, and we are able to provide a caring and nurturing family structure. Terri, a full time homemaker, has made a safe and peaceful home, in preparation for a childhood full of pleasant memories and traditions.

We met at a freshman dance, at University of California, Irvine, and instantly became best friends. After a four-year courtship, we were married, and now we have been married for 15 years. A family is something we have always wanted. We have been trying to reproduce naturally and with medical assistance for 10 years.

Terri has a Bachelorís degree of Arts, in Social Science from University of California, Irvine, and postgraduate studies in Early Child Development. She is the youngest of four siblings, and has a kinship towards children to this day. She has 6 years experience as a preschool teacher, and training at University Montessori of Irvine. Terri served in Operation Desert Storm as a Medical Specialist, supporting U.S. Army medical facilities before her honorable discharge in 1992.

Manny has a Bachelorís degree of Fine Arts, from University of California, Irvine, and a Masterís degree of Fine Arts, which he earned as a Trustee Merit Scholar, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (which has been consistently ranked the number one graduate school of fine arts in the U.S.). He is the eldest of four siblings, and was the default babysitter, being 5 to 8 years older than the others. He has a successful career in Information Technology, supporting computer networks and Internet servers, having experience in "dot com" companies, music and entertainment companies and educational institutions. Manny is only 10 minutes from home when at work, and gets over 6 weeks off work annually, as a benefit of working at an educational institution. He loves working at Art Center College of Design, preparing students for professional and personal success in an increasingly competitive world.

We both have parents who live locally, and enjoy regular visits, but are looking forward to the special visit when they become grandparents. Our siblings are also eager to become uncles and aunts, and cousins are excited to become playmates at ever-present family events.

We have mentored young cousins, successfully, offering academic guidance and housing during winter and summer school breaks. We take pride in being "the adults" youngsters come to for advice and support.

Our house is in a small town community with lots of local parks and activities. Terriís family has lived in this neighborhood for 30 years, and her brother George lives next door, in the house they grew up in.

We are a young and active couple, frequently enjoying camping and outdoor activities, like bicycling, fishing, hiking, and flying kites. We also enjoy traveling and exploring other cultures, and have visited 30 of our 50 states. Most importantly, we enjoy making a home where any child could be happy.

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